Sunday, April 5, 2015

Color of the Moment: Blush Pink

It's Spring and we are ready for lighter hues of pretty pastels. A beautiful shade of blush is the perfect accompaniment to this gorgeous weather. Here we rounded up our favorites for you...

We love Tieks- love them! A comfortable flat made from Italian leather that is designed to fold up in your purse. The heel is cushioned, not elastic, as to ensure you never have those horrible blisters after a long day of walking. Tieks signature turquoise bottom sole is the casual cousin of the Louboutin (Of course without the hefty price tag).

A pale pink color that is perfect for Spring. OPI's Second Honeymoon looks great on all skin tones.

A beautiful blush shoe is a great alternative to a tan neutral. Love the design on this shoe- pretty and feminine with great support.

This just screams Charleston to us, but this door is actually found in Dublin, Ireland. Makes me want to start growing Ivy and grab a paint brush.

Pour champagne over pink cotton candy and watch your guests swoon.

This window and shutter combo is painted in a charming shade of blush pink.

If your significant other nixes the idea of a pink bedroom, why not agree on a hint of pink? These beautiful blush colored window treatments are romantic and with a pale pink color they aren't over the top girly.

This Benjamin Moore color in Melted Ice Cream is the perfect pale pink.

KoseBose Etsy shop owner, Kostadina Nacheva, paints dreamy original oil paintings like the one above.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Few Looks We Love

Whenever my closet starts to look a little bleak I always find myself browsing Pinterest, and thus checking out beautifully styled fashion photography with perfect ensembles. Of course, don't forget the model should be carrying around at least a 500 calorie Starbucks drink for good measure. Oh you know, just so you can relate to her a bit more.

But I digress, are these outfits below not only incredibly styled, but look like they add an abundance of comfort as well?




What's your opinion on the distressed jean look above? I'm slowing starting to see it creep into the 30+ crowd and I wonder if any of my followers might be taking this look for a stroll? I actually think that with the right look it can work.  Let me know your thoughts below or on Facebook!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

3 Must Do Spring Ideas from Ally Whalen Design

Did you ever think winter would let us out of her grips? Yep, we didn't either. The long torturous cold is finally giving way to beautiful weather here in North Carolina. Spring time just gets us in the mood for pretty bulbs, long walks after dinner, and the occasional spritzer on the patio. It got us thinking about a long list of to-do's to make the curb appeal of our home really stand out.

And the list got long...

And it got longer...

And finally we realized that budget, time, and priorities would have to be taken into account before we could complete the Martha Stewart Spring extravaganza curb appeal we had in our minds. You know exactly what we're talking about...step away from Pinterest before your honey-do list starts driving both you and your partner crazy.

We got to thinking that with a fleeting amount of time to spend on sprucing up our home for Spring we needed to get a lot of wow factor with little invested. Here is our suggested list for your top three:

1. A Fresh Door Mat and Custom Potted Plants

It may seem like the typical Spring curb appeal, but notice how custom this mix of hydrangeas and ferns look in these pots? By just taking a few extra minutes at Lowes, you can easily blend a beautiful arrangement together that spruces up your front door. Another overlooked quick fix? Take a look at your door mat. Chances are you probably need a new one. Winter can be rough on door mats and so take the time to update yours. 

2. Mailbox Makeover


You see it every time you pull in your driveway. It's the mailbox. The one item of your outside home decor that is often overlooked. It's like the plain jane step sister that no one notices. Unless, of course you happen to have the neighborhood kid back into it- again. A little bit of spray paint, some fresh flowers, and house numbers can easily make going to get the mail a bit more enjoyable.

4. Front Door Hardware


Another overlooked but majorly impactful curb appeal idea? A fabulous knocker that fits your personality and can give some quick style to your front door. We love this bumblebee knocker from Home Depot

So tell us .... what Spring decor updates will you do?

Sunday, March 15, 2015

3 Must Haves For Your Home Office

I'm always on the go and never does one day look like the next. However, I always like to find my way back to the calm of my home office where I can gather my thoughts, sip a cup of coffee, and organize my day. I actually got to thinking what makes a home office special? A place that where not only you need to get things accomplished, but feel inspired and refreshed while doing so. I started thinking of what makes these spaces work for various clients. I also got to thinking what keeps me motivated when I sit down to get work done. Here are just a few ideas that can keep your home office inspiring you...

Fresh Flowers: Working from home can often be stifling since you find yourself sometimes logging more hours than you had planned. Although you may be watching Spring time buds bloom from your window and wishing you were outside, don't forget to bring in fresh cuts from your local grocery store or florist. A little pop of color or serene hues can certainly keep you feeling refreshed.

Kat Tanita's fresh chic NYC home office -

Candles: It never fails to bring me happiness when I light a candle in my office. No matter how stressful the day, the scent of a beautiful candle can make everything better. Below is a few of our favorite scents we sell at Simplicity Interiors. I believe when it comes to your home office, a place where you are supposed to create and accomplish important tasks, it's important to have a scent that is  luxurious and yet not overwhelming. Aquiesse candles are truly some of most beautiful candles and we have them not only lit around the home, but the shop as well. 

Comfortable Home Office Chair: Finding an office chair that was comfortable, yet stylish used to be a battle with no winner. You either succumb to a swanky chair that made you go numb from the waist down twenty minutes after you sat down, or you would wince every time you reclined in your extremely ugly, albeit comfortable and hideous swivel chair. Not any more my friends. There are some beauties out there that don't sacrifice style for comfort. Make sure you find something that fits the bill in both categories and you will surely enjoy your work day.

Overstock Manhattan Adjustable Office Chair

Here are just a few of favorite home offices...

The Inspired Room




Do you need help revamping your home office? If you are looking for design services please contact us at 704.604.5005 or email us at

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ally's Loves: Lenny & Eva

You know when you find that piece of jewelry that just feels right? Looks great with so many outfits you end up never taking it off? Well we think we have found a brand that suits our taste and style so much we just had to share with you all. After stumbling upon Lenny & Eva, we just fell in love with how easily customizable the pieces were and how they effortlessly transitioned from one outfit to the next.
Have you had the chance to try on any Lenny & Eva pieces lately?

Here is a look at our recent purchase:

We love these as well, and don't forget to scroll down to the bottom to see a great video from the company that shows how interchangeable these pieces are....



Wide Cuff-Large Sentiment from Lenny & Eva on Vimeo.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Scenes Around the Shop : Simplicity Interiors & Other Happenings

Life has been busy around these parts. AWD is now booking out as far as late Spring/early Summer for new clients, which brings us a tremendous amount of gratitude along with a healthy dose of that familiar "let's find the nearest Starbucks" feeling. We currently have projects spanning from a gorgeous mountain home remodel in Boone, NC to a commercial renovation for a famous Nascar team's locker room and athletic area. 

The weather here in North Carolina has been a roller coaster as well, and while we are waiting with anticipation to conquer our Spring to-do list, the thick white blanket of snow outside Simplicity-Interiors reminds us Mother Nature may have other plans. This unpredictable weather pattern almost kept us from our much anticipated trip to Nashville (photo's in post), however a little snow and ice wasn't going to keep us from visiting with family and friends, oh and a little trip over to visit the official Stanley Cup. No big deal. 

In the mean time here are a few shots from the shop as well as some other happenings of AWD.

Loving these throws from Jaipur. Soft and they come in gorgeous hues.

This chair is one of our new favorites and can blend so easily into many different decor styles. 

Interesting pieces can always be found at Simplicity Interiors.

Texture and color can make the pillow.

Meeting in Boone, NC to go over cabinet selections.

Making her one of the official rides of AWD.

Our project manager, Scott Whalen, demonstrating our beautifully designed slipcovered sofas to a customer.

Just a few recent magazines AWD has been published in... thanks to all our amazing clients for letting us work our magic on your spaces!

Our junior design associate, Piper, making sure our clients receive their product in great condition. Quality control at its finest.

After delivering a custom piece to a client. If you see AWD on the road give us a honk!

Nashville, TN. Such a fun, lively city with so much to offer. Thanks for treating us right!

Just a little Stanley Cup action. 

If you are looking for design services please contact us at 704.604.5005 or email us at